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Honorary Athenian Decree for Tenedos

Marta Fogagnolo    Università di Pisa    



The honorary decree for Tenedos attests the importance of the small island in the context of the Second Athenian League, immediately after the failed siege to Byzantium by Philip II. The military operation of the Macedonian king could have endangered the Athenian control of Bosporus, but also the autonomy of the allied Tenedos, so that the island may have been interested to pay contributions in order to receive Athens’ protection and, at the same time, Athens itself may have appreciated the help of Tenedos in a difficult moment for the League. Even if the decree has gaps and it is difficult to determine the amount of the Athenian compensation, nevertheless it has an important historical value, since it is the last official document about the relations between Athens and the allies of the Second Athenian League

Keywords: Tenedo, Atene, Filippo II, syntaxeis, Seconda Lega Navale, Arato

Language: it

Submitted: June 29, 2018
Accepted: Sept. 28, 2018
Published: Dec. 20, 2018

permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/Axon/2532-6848/2018/02/007

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