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Mobilità degli studenti: quali competenze per garantirne la qualità?

Studio di caso

Samira Dlimi    École Normale Supérieure, Université Mohammed V de Rabat, Maroc    

Simone Giusti    Associazione L’Altra Città, Ricerca e Sviluppo, Italia    



One of the aims of the Bologna Process was to challenge national borders in higher education. Morocco was one of the countries that joined this ambitious process by adopting the three-cycle degree structure (LMD) to lower barriers to student mobility. The purpose of this contribution is to investigate whether the students who are in the context of mobility are equipped with the necessary skills to live such experience. This research will present the first results of an exploratory study conducted on some Moroccan students in Italy and other students of different nationalities studying at Mohammed V University in Rabat. Some students when arriving in the host country are forced to manage, not only their new university life, but also their daily and social life. So how can they be helped in developing the necessary skills that promote integration? How can they be prepared and accompanied before, during and after their mobility?

May 15, 2018

Keywords: ICCStudent mobilityIntegrationSkills

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