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Raccontare questi 20 anni dietro la macchina da presa

Sguardo sul cinema bosniaco femminile

Silvia Badon    Università degli Studi di Urbino «Carlo Bo», Italia    



In the last 20 years after the end of the war, Bosnian film production has seen the growth of local women directors who have revealed to be the leading names of Bosnian cinema and the most awarded ones at international film festivals. This trend began with the Berliner Golden Bear awarded to Grbavica, Jasmila Žbanić’s debut feature film. A few years later Aida Begić’s Snow was awarded with the Critics Week Grand Prize at Cannes Film Festival. Since then their films have been selected and screened at many film festivals all around the world, and distributed in different countries. These two young directors have shown the way to other Bosnian female talents, such as Ines Tanović who, after filming some documentaries, presented her first feature film at the last edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival. Sarajevo, the city where these three directors were all born and completed their studies at the Academy of Performing Arts, represents the social fabric inspiring the stories and the characters of their films. Women condition and family dimension are the observational lenses through which they deal with the social and historical changes in the post-war Bosnia Herzegovina.

July 6, 2016