Series | Antiquity Studies
Volume 19 | Edited book | Before the Excavation

Before the Excavation

The 2012 Survey in Altino
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    edited by
  • Luigi Sperti - Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia - email orcid profile
  • Margherita Tirelli - già Funzionario per la zona di Oderzo della Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici del Veneto - email
  • Silvia Cipriano - Museo della Centuriazione Romana di Borgoricco, Italia - email

This volume collects the results of the first archaeological reconnaissance campaign carried out by Ca’ Foscari University at the site of Altino, in the Ghiacciaia locality, a large area of state property that corresponds to the north-eastern part of the ancient city. This is, therefore, one of the few systematic interventions in the urban area, which until now has remained at the margins of research on the city. The lecturers, doctoral students and students involved address both general themes – from the history of studies on the area to survey techniques – and the rich material that emerged during the survey, providing a basic typological and chronological framework. The archaeological survey and scientific research that have been conducted on the Altino area in recent decades have increasingly highlighted the importance of the site, which stands out as one of the nodal places in the Veneto landscape from the Early Iron Age to the Late Antique period, inextricably linked to the birth of Torcello and thus to the origin of Venice.

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