JoMaCC Journal of Modern and Contemporary Christianity

Journal | JoMaCC
Monographic journal issue | 2 | 2 | 2023

Christian Churches Between the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries

open access | peer reviewed

The articles in this issue collectively help to illuminate phenomena and experiences of the Christian Churches between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, focusing on important themes such as modernism and anti-modernism, the growing prominence of women, the socio-cultural and political relevance of Christianity in the United States of America, and the dramatic intertwining of war, peace, and ecumenism in the involvement of the Churches in the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Keywords Auxiliaires de l’Apostolat Neoconservative Catholics Orthodox Church Modernist crisis Catholic Social Teaching Conservatism Ecclesiastical geopolitics Czechoslovak Church Russian-Ukrainian war Abortion Czech lands history Second Vatican Council Nineties Catholic Church Lumen Gentium Michael Novak Catholic (lay) women Modernist movement Richard Neuhaus John Paul II Lay Apostolate USA United States Ecumenism Religious Right Evangelicals Politics Conservative Christians

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