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Decree for the Exiles of Mytilene

Erica Fazzini    studioso indipendente    



The decree was enacted by the city of Mytilene, in Lesbos: it concerns the reinstatement of the exiles as a consequence of the diagramma of Alexander the Great addressed to the Greek cities. It dates back to 336 and 332 BE, during the war between Persian Empire and Macedonia for the domain on the Ionic Coast. This caused a continuos fight between the filo-Persian and filo-Macedonian parties in the Greek cities of the area. The most accredited date to the decree is the 332 BC. The decree treats the reconciliation between the two parties on a social and economical point of view. Many of the local authorities are involved in this process: boule, demos, basileis, but also a council of twenty men (diatatai). Another possible date is 319 BC; in this case the basileus mentioned in the decree would be Philip III Arrideo and the diagramma would refer to the decree that he emanated together with his prime minister Polyperchons.

June 29, 2018
Dec. 24, 2017
March 5, 2017

Keywords: BasileusAlessandro MagnoDiagrammaFilippo III ArrideoPoliperconteMitileneEsuliLesboDecreto

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