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Autobiographical Narratives and Professional Identities

On the Autobiographies of Scientists and Doctors

Vicent Manuel Salvador Liern    Universitat Jaume I - Departament de Filologia i Cultures Europees, Espanya    



In recent years the interest of scholars on issues of identity and narrative has increased in the field of literary as well as non-literary studies. One of the intersections of both issues is the autobiographical story where the authors look themselves in the mirror or rather cast a glance in the rearview mirror. In this article are studied autobiographies of scientists and physicians, in order to examine their professions as an essential tool for the construction of their identities, both as individuals and as member of a professional community. A special case is that of doctors, who have not only a commitment to the progress of knowledge, but also a commitment with specific patients and an involvement in social interaction practices, including face to face contact.

Sept. 1, 2015

Keywords: Construction of identityAutobiographical narrativeScientistsHealth professions

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