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Udine, novembre 1913: alla prima Esposizione degli artisti friulani

Isabella Reale    già direttrice della Galleria d’arte moderna di Udine, Italia    



Among the artists at Ca’ Pesaro’s Venetian exhibitions there were also Friulian artists, in particular some important names that closely related the I Exhibition of Friulian Artists, set up in Udine in November 1913, with the one held in 1913 at Ca’ Pesaro, that only some months before caused scandal for the reaction of the self-righteous to the works of Arturo Martini and Gino Rossi, arousing a lively debate. Between them there was the landscape artist Marco Tiziano Davanzo, and much more interesting were the sculptor Mario Ceconi di Montececon and painters Giovanni Napoleone Pellis and Luigi De Giudici, that were assiduous participants of the ‘capesarine’ exhibitions. However, Friulian avant-garde artists emerged only after the First World War, clashing with the nostalgic choices of the Friulian Biennale in 1926 and in 1928, creating a group of refusés that promoted the exhibition of the ‘Scuola friulana d’Avanguardia’, composed by Modotto, Dino, Mirko and Afro Basaldella, Filipponi, Pittino and Grassi, all ‘baptized’ at the Bevilacqua la Masa exhibitions in Venice, where they could see the works of art by Arturo Martini, true mentor of the great Basaldella artists.

Dec. 16, 2017

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