Philosophica. Nuova serie

Aims & Scope

The new series is divided into four parts or areas. It intends, firstly, to publish volumes by philosophers and scholars (Italian and foreign; young and established) that are characterised by their thematic originality and argumentative strength, but also by their ability to dialogue with other disciplines (from the so-called ‘hard’ sciences to the sciences of man and society) and other manifestations of human culture (art, literature, poetry, religion). Secondly, it aims to make available to students, readers and scholars rigorous and annotated editions of philosophical texts (always in the original language) that have variously marked the development of philosophical thought at various moments in its history. Thirdly, it aims to republish philosophical texts that for various reasons are no longer available, but which may provide new stimuli for research and encourage the revival of philosophical debate. Finally, it aims to solicit original works that can foster a new flowering of studies and research on Wittgenstein’s philosophy. Although the series has no thematic, school or disciplinary preclusions, there are some issues and research topics considered as particularly significant, which revolve around three centres and essential keywords: language, mind and art. The ‘philosophies’ to which it more directly refers are philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, aesthetics, philosophy of art. However, the series may also welcome works belonging to different fields and on different topics, always prioritising the originality of the research, the clarity of the writing and the argumentative skills.

Latest published volume

Francesco Soave, Riflessioni intorno all’istituzione d’una lingua universale

edited by

Elisa Pernumian    Studiosa indipendente    


Nov. 27, 2023
Sept. 7, 2023
July 12, 2022
Number of pages
16x23 cm

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