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Aims & Scope
The series aims to collect proceedings of conventions, conferences and other important events (film festivals, exhibitions, translations, catalogues) promoted, within Ca’ Foscari, by CSAR (Center for Studies on Russia of Arts), which performs research activities, development and dissemination of the extraordinary cultural heritage that Russia, with examples from its past art and culture to its present tradition in the field of music, theatre and cinema. The CSAR, immediately characterised by qualified international partnerships, aims to become a permanent place of meeting and open discussion among students, teachers and all those, who care about the development of studies concerning the major achievements accomplished over the centuries by the Russian civilisation.
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The latest volume

Remembering Andrej Tarkovskij +

Un poeta del sogno e dell'immagine


Published: March 10, 2014

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Fabrizio Borin    Davide Giurlando   
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