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The Production and Consumption of Elite Culture at Malia in the Early Minoan and Middle Minoan Periods

Ilse Schoep    KU Leuven, Belgium    



The analysis of the archaeological data from Early Bronze and MM IB/II Malia shows a sort of an evolution in the Palace’s significance for Malian society, when the main arenas of consumption of elite culture shifted – as far as we can see – from the cemeteries and the court building to elite residences. The Palace continues to be used as does the cemetery, but the architectural elaboration of the elite residences suggests that the role of the latter as arenas becomes more pronounced. Nonetheless, the ceremonies held in the elite residences were more likely exclusive rather than inclusive. Inclusion or exclusion can be seen as a confirmation of the social order in MM II; the fact that innovations find their way into multiple co-existing elite residences in MM II points towards a climate of emulation and competition.

keywords: Minoan Palace. Malia. Elite culture. Production and consumption.

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Submitted: Feb. 27, 2016
Accepted: April 27, 2016
Published: July 6, 2019
permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/978-88-6969-328-1/001

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