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Orientalia come strumenti di auto-rappresentazione delle élites cretesi in epoca alto-arcaica

Aluia Simona    Independent Scholar    



In this paper the phenomenon of circulation of orientalia in Crete during the Iron Age will be examined from a social point of view: what was the social reason of the demand and how did local communities react to the arrive of exotic artefacts? Orientalia were found mostly within contexts characterised by a local material culture, so they attest the demand for luxury goods, rather than the settling of foreign people in the island; it is suggested that orientalia probably had the main function of high status-symbol. Therefore, they could represent a key for the interpretation of some social aspects of the Iron Age Cretan communities.

keywords: Orientalia. Crete. Iron Age. Élites. Status-symbol.

Language: it

Submitted: Feb. 27, 2016
Accepted: April 27, 2016
Published: July 6, 2019
permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/978-88-6969-328-1/003

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