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Os nacionalismos ibéricos nos estudos sobre o romanceiro tradicional

Sandra Boto    Universidade do Algarve, Centro de Investigação em Artes e Comunicação, Portugal    



Concerning the Pan-Hispanic balladry field, Iberian peripheral areas (such as Catalan, Galician and Portuguese) have been carelessly regarded, although this has not ever been admitted by Spanish academic criticism. It is known that peripheral Iberian oral traditions collections were, in the very beginning, ruled by nationalist demands. But we believe it is also true that, nowadays, the Castilian centrist point of view on peripheral balladry traditions displays the same nationalist shape. In order to illustrate this statement, we settle our discussion on several recent examples of critical studies and editorial activity devoted to the Pan-Hispanic balladry. 

keywords: Nationalism. Pan-Hispanic folk balladry. Centre. Periphery. Oral tradition.

Language: pt

Submitted: Sept. 24, 2018
Accepted: Oct. 18, 2018
Published: Aug. 2, 2019
permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/978-88-6969-323-6/006

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