Sources, Literatures, Arts & Landscapes of Europe

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Aims & Scope

The series comprises a set of perspectives that bring a fresh eye to the main genres of the European humanistic tradition, such as intellectual biography, the history of literature, of major and minor arts, of archaeology and of public and private collections. It will provide a base for new research, including on the history of the environment and of landscapes. By focusing on unpublished and little-known works, ranging from archival source material to essays, scholarly works, also in new translations, this project brings to life the dialogue between cultures and disciplines. The series has an openly international outlook and is intended to be a point of reference for original research on themes that are central to European culture and require adequate editorial recognition and visibility.

Latest published volume

Guide to the Principal Pictures in the Academy of Fine Arts at Venice

A Critical Edition, with Other Texts on Carpaccio and Venetian Painting

Paul Tucker    Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italia    

April 18, 2023
Number of pages
24x22 cm

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