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Quel matto che chiamano l’autore

Tracce performative nella scrittura della trilogia di Nane Oca


Ferdinando Marchiori    -    


Scabia’s work is hardly decomposable in its different elements: poetry, narrative and theatrical practice are deeply intertwined and ascribable under the unique and complex ‘label’ of ‘writing’. This paper analyses the process of writing focusing on forms and expressions of what it is possible to identify as a ‘dynamization’ of the text. Different strategies contribute to disclose the performative potential of the writing, which emerges most of all through the authorial mimesis. The author-narrator breaks the narrative hierarchy up and frequently becomes an actual character inside the story, playing with the reader and multiplying the thresholds of the text. 

Lingua: it

keywords: Performativity. Authorial mimesis. Oral textual strategies.

permalink: doi.org/10.14277/6969-079-2/QV_SR-2-9

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