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Una lettura de La luna su la porta de casa di Giano Perale

Rodolfo Zucco    università di udine    



  Giano Perale’s poetry can be read in the light of a fundamental juxtaposition between two poetic attitudes. On one hand, a poetry governed by childhood, on the other, a poetry ruled by adulthood. Perale thematizes the necessary preservation of the child within the adult man, and establishes a distance between childhood and adulthood, which, in some poems, gives way to a painful Sehnsucht. The poems expressing this Sehnsucht shape the foundation of the poet’s writing experience, which constitutes the more resilient and happy aesthetic part of his poetry. Perale's poetics is formally characterized by the rhetorical gure of iteration: the circular structure of the text, the proliferation of anaphoric lines, the use of rhyme, the employment of lines manufactured as an iteration of a speci c rhythmic cell. These are traits that show the in uence of the Venetian ‘conte’ and of the nursery rhymes. These are poetic forms «in which the most manifest irrationality, the nonsense, and the random overlapping of entities appear» (Fernando Bandini). 

Keywords:   Giano Perale. Poetry and Childhood. 

Language: it

Published: June 17, 2015  

permalink: http://doi.org/10.14277/1724-188X/QV-4-1-15-5

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