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Volume 14 | Edited book | METra 2

METra 2

Epic and Greek Tragedy: A Mapping
open access | peer reviewed
    edited by
  • Andrea Rodighiero - Università degli Studi di Verona, Italia - email
  • Anna Maganuco - Università degli Studi di Verona, Italia - email
  • Margherita Nimis - Università degli Studi di Verona, Italia - email
  • Giacomo Scavello - Utrecht University, Netherlands - email

The volume represents the second ‘chapter’ of the METra research project (Mapping Epic in Tragedy – Epica e tragedia greca: una mappatura), and contains the papers presented during the international workshop METra 2, held in Verona in June 2022. Carrying on with the lines of research whose first results were published in METra 1 (Lexis Supplements 11, 2022), this second collection of essays focuses on further aspects of the Homeric legacy in Attic tragedy. As in the first volume, the papers apply different disciplinary approaches, covering a wide range of topics: from metrical, linguistic, and stylistic features to matters of intertextuality and literary allusiveness, from the cultural, religious, and ethical values of archaic Greece – and their persistence in the classical age – to the ‘dialogue’ between ancient epics and modernity.

Keywords Tragic formularityMetaphorAndromacheOratio rectaHecubaNikos KazantzakisAncient Greek ThoughtLyric PoetrySophoclesAnapaestsHelenKunstspracheParodosGod’s willDramaHomeric poemsDactylsWarIliadPersiansEpicsModern epicAjaxAthena’s nameDialogueOdysseyAttic tragedyEuripidesTrojan WomenUlyssesτις-RedeAgencyGodsIntertextualityEpic lexiconEpic languageAeschylusFuneral lamentAristocratic ideologyFuneral riteGreek prayersTragedy and polisAutocitationFragmentsFuneral ideologyDactylo-epitritesGreek tragedyAeschylus’ Libation BearersPerformanceHomerReciprocityEthics

Permalink http://doi.org/10.30687/978-88-6969-738-8 | ISBN (PRINT) 978-88-6969-759-3 | e-ISBN 978-88-6969-738-8 | Number of pages 290 | Dimensions 16x23cm | Published Dec. 21, 2023 | Language en, it


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