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The General's Objective

The Image of Garibaldi During the Expedition of the Thousand Between Photography and Painting

Giulio Brevetti    -    



In the figurative history of the Italian Resurgence (Risorgimento), a special place is occupied by the most famous and popular character of the time, Giuseppe Garibaldi, a true, skilled expert of photography and its potentialities. During the Expedition of the One-Thousand (Spedizione dei Mille) in 1860, his features and his deeds are immortalized on glass plates and on canvas by many photographers and patriot-artists he met along the walk. And it is really the relationship between these two art forms, as well as their mutual influence, which characterizes the brief but intense figurative production of the «Hero of Two Worlds» during the most legendary episode of the Italian Risorgimento.

July 25, 2012
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