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Le corporazioni oltre lo Stato

Progetti di corporativismo internazionale nell’immaginario del fascismo

Fabrizio Amore Bianco    Università di Pisa, Italia    



During the Great Depression, projects for exporting corporativism and its institutions abroad as a universal way to economic recovery and social justice were not only propaganda tools of Mussolini’s regime. They were debated as real options within some fascist circles up until the Ethiopian war and the planning for an Italian ‘Imperial Autarchy’. After Italy’ intervention into the Second World War, the possibility of exporting corporativism and its institutions was reconsidered with renewed attention in the perspective of the ‘New Order’. This essay aims to analyse the main developments and outcomes of such a debate, concentrating on some projects for international corporations since the thirties up until the Second World War.

keywords: Fascism. Corporativism. International Corporations. Universal Fascism. Giuseppe Bottai.

Language: it

Published: May 31, 2019
permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/978-88-6969-317-5/012

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