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Research Article

De la dépossession à l’expérience de la possession dans Meursault, contre-enquête de Kamel Daoud

Maha Badr    Université Libanaise    



There is a clear correlation between the text of L'Étranger of Camus and Meursault, contre-enquête of Kamel Daoud, fertility is sure. Daoud, living in a previously colonised minority context, manipulates Camus’ memorised coded speech to make himself heard. Is it a confrontation or a duplication of speech? The writing attempts to find points of instability and mobility likely to ruin the ‘temple’ of a monumental literary building. Emphasis will be placed on this gesture of appropriation and the polyphony of the text sited between recovery and transgression. This play of intertextuality creates a discursiveness that destabilizes the reader. The reading follows a retroactive investigation that goes beyond an experience of negativity by traversing a path between myth and fantasy that visualises a peaceful relationship between East and West.

Keywords: Algeria. Francophone literature. Intertextuality. Trace. Identity. History. Mixed languages.

Lingua: fr

Submitted: 12 Luglio 2018
Accepted: 03 Settembre 2018
Published: 21 Dicembre 2018

permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/Tol/2499-5975/2018/20/009

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