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The Armenian Architectural Heritage in Turkey: The State of Research

Francesca Penoni    Politecnico di Torino, Italia    



The Armenian architectural heritage in Turkey has been left into disrepair and neglect for a long time. It represents a difficult and contested heritage especially for its relation to the Genocide, becoming the physical trace left of the absent Armenian community in Anatolia. For many years it was considered as the heritage of ‘the other’ and not particularly interesting for detailed studies and research. The activities by several institutions in Turkey, aimed to rediscover a forgotten and unknown heritage, led to increasing interest and the awareness of the critical condition of this heritage. This change led to numerous initiatives of preserving, at least virtually, what remains today of the Armenian architecture and to the increment of research activities in different academic institutions in Turkey.

keywords: Armenian architecture. Heritage. Destruction. Research. Preservation.

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Presentato: 30 Giugno 2020   Accettato: 17 Agosto 2020   Pubblicato: 21 Dicembre 2020  
permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/978-88-6969-469-1/008

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