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Ucraina tra forme e colori: una trasformazione dei percorsi storici

Ksenija Konstantynenko    Independent Scholar    



The article is an analysis of the peculiarities of the Ukrainian representative art. It is important that, in spite of not having its own State, Ukrainian ethnical group has produced a sort of “artistic homeland”, with images having a high symbolic meaning. The contradiction between occidental influences in other fields and an apparently traditional structure of religious representations is explicable. Especially, the article focuses on the great importance of color, as well as on the abundance of motives connected to joyful colors of nature in 19th and 20th century art, up to now. It is deduced that Ukrainian art tends to turn tragic events into perfect beautiful shapes based on nature and on the life cycle, and thus acquires a positive therapeutic aim.

keywords: History of art. Ukrainian religious art. Icon. Ukrainian-Western cultural relations, art and politics. Renaissance. Baroque. Modern art. Folk art. Form. Color. Visual cinema.

Lingua: it

Submitted: 22 Agosto 2019
Accepted: 04 Settembre 2019
Published: 16 Dicembre 2019
permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/978-88-6969-382-3/011

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