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Sobrevivientes y desaparecidos

Los migrantes en las crónicas de Marcela Turati y Oscar Martínez


Anamaría González Luna    Università degli Studi di Milano – Bicocca, Italia    


Latin American narrative journalism plays a role of denunciation and resistance to the phenomenon of migration in Mexico as a place of origin-transit-destination of migrants. The chronicler’s word breaks the silence and the lies to say the perverse reality that reflects the validity of the perverse, the annihilation of the human condition under the appearance of institutionalised normality. The analysis of some chronicles by Marcela Turati and Oscar Martínez offers two different perspectives, Mexican and Central American, and a single intention: a writing that seeks to explain and make sense of the migrant’s condition through the instrument of the word.

Lingua: es

keywords: Narrative journalism. Migration. México. Centroamérica. Marcela Turati. Oscar Martínez.

Submitted: 06 Febbraio 2019
Accepted: 26 Febbraio 2019
Published: 14 Maggio 2019
permalink: doi.org/10.30687/978-88-6969-319-9/037

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License