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La literatura intimista en Bolivia, una historia el siglo XXI


Erich Fisbach    Université d’Angers, France    


Since the end of the 20th century, Bolivian literature has started liberating itself from social realism to favour subjectivism and formal experimentation. There is no more denouncing of exploitation, injustice, inequality but an interest in the confusion experienced by individuals in today’s globalised world. One of the most prominent characteristics of this narrative is the change in the perception of space which used to predetermine the plot, the characters’ psychology or the social relationships. Space now becomes the space of the characters’ transformation, changeable spaces which follow individual dramas. First, this essay defines the orientations of this literature of the end of last century, then it analyses the narrative paradigm in the writings published since the 1990s.

Lingua: es

keywords: Bolivia. Novel. Short story. XXI century. Intimism.

Submitted: 06 Febbraio 2019
Accepted: 26 Febbraio 2019
Published: 14 Maggio 2019
permalink: doi.org/10.30687/978-88-6969-319-9/045

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