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List of Men of the Erechtheis Tribe Killed in Battle

Matteo Zaccarini    University of Edinburgh, UK    



This Athenian casualty list of the Erechtheis tribe, c. 460-459 BCE, is an important source for our understanding of the Athenian military effort in the Eastern Mediterranean in the central decades of the 5th century. While it can be safely dated and contextualized on the basis of Thucydides, the inscription highlights the selective and biased narrative provided by the literary sources. Furthermore, along with other similar documents, this list provides valuable information on the rationale and aims of the public celebration of the war dead in Athens, on the identity of the civic body, and on the inclusion of various social classes in the celebration of the polis.

Keywords: Liste dei caduti. Atene. Pentecontetia. Commemorazione pubblica. Memoria. Guerra.

Language: it

Submitted: Oct. 11, 2019
Accepted: March 7, 2020
Published: June 22, 2020

permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/Axon/2532-6848/2020/01/003

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