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Se non la realtà di Tommaso Landolfi

Itinerari di un equilibrista

Paola Baratter    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



The book Se non la realtà is a collection of 21 stories each dedicated to a travel destination. The purpose of this essay is to show how Landolfi, behind the appearance of a travel book, continues to investigate himself and his relationship with the world. The external world (places and people) is described with such precision as to become distorted and sometimes repugnant, but actually, it is constantly desired. The narrator is aware that he needs other people, even if only to confirm his otherness.

keywords: Travel stories. Happiness. Mass tourism. Gambling. Lexical choice.

Language: it

Published: Dec. 6, 2019
permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/978-88-6969-344-1/028

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