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Edizioni Ca’ Foscari (ECF) publishes journals and monographic series in digital format in all areas of academic research. All publications are made available online with free and open access, in order to bolster and encourage the free sharing of knowledge.
All texts and research are published after an evaluation process carried out by the Scientific Committee, which will ensure their quality. They are then subjected to the Editorial Staff and are treated with the purpose of indexing in the major bibliographic online databases.
Edizioni Ca’ Foscari was born in 2011 with the aim of encouraging the dissemination of research results within the University and from here to both the national and international scientific community, relying on the opportunities offered by digital technologies.

  • contactsEditorial Board

    Antonio Rigopoulos (coordinator)

    Laura De Giorgi
    Giovanni Maria Fara
    Franz Fischer
    María del Valle Ojeda Calvo
    Olga Tribulato
    Alessandra Zanardo

  • person_pinGeneral Editor

    dott. Massimiliano Vianello
    T. 041 234 8250

  • local_libraryEditorial Staff

    dott.ssa Francesca Prevedello
    T. 041 234 7072

    dott.ssa Mariateresa Sala
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    dott.ssa Ilaria Pistorello
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What do we do?
  • perm_device_informationPositioning and editorial line

    Edizioni Ca’ Foscari carries out its activity in the field of the scientific publishing adopting the Open Access principles and following the so-called ‘gold road’, which determines the direct and immediate accessibility of the published scientific research. 

    Within this profile, Edizioni Ca’ Foscari adopts a method that provides:

    1. the double-blind peer review;
    2. complete editing and verification of compliance with editorial standards shared by the international scientific community;
    3. production and management of metadata useful for the dissemination of published research.

    Each journal or volume, and the individual contributions within them, are published in a PDF format that is freely consultable and downloadable. A printed edition is also produced, where required, and can be distributed commercially, where appropriate.
    The ultimate goal of Edizioni Ca’ Foscari is to use the publications produced to promote the dissemination of scientific research for the benefit of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, as well as of other universities or research institutions that have published and will publish with it.

  • perm_data_settingProcesses and tools

    In the process that leads to the ‘demand’ of scientific publications, until their publication and dissemination, Edizioni Ca’ Foscari participates putting its production model into practice. This consists in an editorial flow that integrates – organically into a single platform, conceived and implemented by ECF itself – the processes of:

    1. peer review (scientific validation);
    2. user management: editors, authors, reviewers;
    3. organisation of editorial contents;  
    4. grant of licence Creative Commons;
    5. standardisation of contents to shared standards;
    6. typographical layout;
    7. management of editorial planning;
    8. management of the public website’s contents;
    9. produzione e disseminazione dei metadata (DOI Crossref e Datacite; Orcid).

    These processes have various aims, among which:

    1. the optimisation of economic resources and therefore of costs, for the benefit of Ca’ Foscari’s research funds or of others who refer to ECF;
    2. to convey and disseminate scientific research.

    QThis double result is reflected in the research entity that, in addition to having produced publications that are valid from the scientific and quality points of view, also benefits from the visibility and transmissibility guaranteed by Open Access practices.

  • linear_scaleEditorial workflow

    The editorial flow provides for pre-established steps and roles, which involves ECF, the journals’/series’ Editors, the Authors and the Reviewers in the due moments. The editorial board and the publisher work parallel to one another, until coming into play in the final production and publication.

  • people_outlineOur authors and reviewers all over the world

    The benefits of the Open Access model are several. One of these is the almost total absence of barriers in disseminating the publications and in the ability to involve researchers from all over the world.
    Il profilo internazionale di Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia si riflette sul The international profile of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is reflected in the number and composition of those who in the last 5 years have published with it as authors or have collaborated with journals and series as peer reviewers.

Contacts and Administration

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