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La dama duende prohibida: la censura de la película argentina en la España franquista

Tiziana Pucciarelli    Università di Macerata, Italia    



This article brings to light censorship documents about Argentinian film La dama duende (1945) that is preserved in the Archivo General de la Administración of Alcalá de Henares, files number 9425 and 9426. Censors opinions clarify the reasons for its prohibition and provide new information about the film.

keywords: Franco’s regime. Censorship. Argentine cinema. María Teresa León. Rafael Alberti.

Language: es

Submitted: March 12, 2019
Accepted: March 26, 2019
Published: July 12, 2019
permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/978-88-6969-330-4/005

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