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Morir como una mujer en fuga en Anacrón: hipótesis de un producto todo de Augusto Marquet y Gabriel Wolfson


Verónica Gómez    UNL / IHuCSo-CONICET    


The third volume of the Electronic Literature Collection (ELC3) is home to a Latin American technopoetic that resorts to national death imagery and the location of women in fugue under this subject. Particularly, we refer to the electronic literature work untitled Anacrón: hipótesis de un producto todo by Augusto Marquet and Gabriel Wolfson (Mexico), that combines Mexican death folklore with videogames logic. The work focuses on women death as reality of Mexico nowadays, changing the meaning that it has had traditionally. This paper analyses how women are presented in this Latin American production in global contexts of exclusion and violence in Mexico. The objective is to identify the transformation of traditional national elements related to death into a political denounce of the violence suffered by women in the country that are in fugue.

Language: es

keywords: Death imagery. E-literature. Latin American context. Women bodies. Fugue.

Submitted: Aug. 21, 2018
Accepted: Nov. 11, 2018
Published: Nov. 6, 2018
permalink: doi.org/10.30687/978-88-6969-238-3/017

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