Indexing and Metadata

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What is Crossref?

Crossref makes research outputs easy to find, cite, link, and assess.
Crossref exists to make scholarly communications better.

We are member of a non-profit organisation that runs a registry of metadata and DOIs, and involves staff, board, working groups, and committees as well as a broad range of collaborators, users, and supporters in the wider scholarly communications community. Increasingly, our community includes new contributors like scholars, funders, and universities. Together, we are all working toward the same goal – to enhance scholarly communications. Everything is designed to put scholarly content in context so that the content members publish can be found, cited, used, and re-used.
Crossref favorisce la possibilità di essere trovati e creare link permanenti tra i risultati della ricerca come articoli, volumi, riferimenti, date, componenti, versioni, e molto altro. I membri inviano a Crossref i loro metadati, che includono campi quali date, titoli, autori, affiliazioni, ecc., insieme a un DOI (Digital Object Identifier) che permette di recuperare sempre l’oggetto a cui si riferisce, anche qualora il sito web dovesse cambiare.
Through Crossref, members are distributing their metadata downstream, making it available to numerous systems and organizations that together help credit and cite the work, track outcomes and activity, and more.
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