Rassegna iberistica
40 | 107 | 2017


Antecedentes literarios en la ‘niña mala’ de Mario Vargas Llosa   

Martin Eduardo García Calle
Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach, Polska


This article analyzes the literary antecedents and personality of La niña mala (2006) main character. In our opinion, the author takes three heroines of French Literature as a model for his character: Marguerite Gautier – a character who gives life to The Lady of the Camellias (1848) by Alexandre Dumas (son) – and Emma Bovary and Marie Arnoux – respectively protagonists of Madame Bovary (1857) and L’éducation sentimental (1869) by Gustave Flaubert. We will analyze the personality of the heroines and through examples we will highlight similarities with the character created by Mario Vargas Llosa.


Intertextuality. Mario Vargas Llosa. Gustave Flaubert. Alexandre Dumas (son). Courtly love. Femme Fatale. Impossible Love.

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