Rassegna iberistica
39 | 106 | 2016


Vittorio Bodini ispanista e traduttore
Il rapporto con Casa Einaudi e la lingua di Juan Goytisolo

Nancy De Benedetto
Università degli Studi di Bari «Aldo Moro», Italia


An analysis of the fascinating correspondence exchanged between Vittorio Bodini and Einaudi Editori, starting in postwar Italy and lasting until 1970. The work focuses on two main perspectives of analysis. First, the long-term plan that he organized, being this relationship one of the most prolific and important for the presence of translated Spanish literature in Italy during the Twentieth Century. Secondly, an interesting critique found in the Archivio Vittorio Bodini, that underlines, according to his cultural position, the approach of the translator to a particular element: the plurilingualism in the work of Juan Goytisolo.  


Archives. Vittorio Bodini. Spanish translations. Einaudi. Plurilingualism.  

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