Il Tolomeo
18 | 2016


L'épistolaire au temps du virtuel ou le non-lieu des émiles amoureux   

Jean-François Plamondon
Università di Bologna, Italia


Does the practice of writing letters still exist? Are the mails we are sending each day in dozens replacing what we once called ‘epistolary relations’? Are these ways of expressions the same by nature? This paper tries to see and understand what are the similarities and the differences between letters and mails as we have read them in two novels from young Quebec’s authors and their novels: Les lettres à Mademoiselle Brochu from Maxime-Olivier Moutier edited in 1999 and Iphigénie en Haute-ville from François Blais published in 2006.


Matzneff. Blais. Moutier. E-mails. Émiles. Iphigénie. Érostrate. Épistolaire.