1 | 1 | 2017


Trattato tra Atene e Chio   

Egidia Occhipinti
Independent Scholar


In 384 BC, Athens probably renewed a defensive alliance with Chios on the basis of the principles of eleutheria and autonomia: the explicit reference is to the King’s Peace. Here, a new completion of the lines 6-7 of the decree of alliance between Athens and Chios and an explanatory hypothesis as to the composition of the relief – which may represent Boule, Demos and Athena – are suggested.


Atene. Alleanza difensiva. Chio. Eleutheria e autonomia. Pace del Re. Lemno. Imbro. Sciro. Greci. Asia. Senofonte. Diodoro. Symmachia. Demos. Boule. Atena.

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