Axon 1 | 1 | 2017


Massime delfiche da Aï Khanum   

Laura Boffo
Independent Scholar


During the unknown Seleucid foundation in the eastern Bactriana near Ai Khanoum, a man by the name of Clearchus had a stele with a series of about 150 maxims ascribed to the Seven Sages built in the temenos of Cineas, the oikistes. The historical context of the eastern Hellenism and the epigraphic style of the manufacture suggest the first quarter of the third century BC as the date of the dedication and lead to identify the writer with the peripatetic philosopher Clearchus of Soli.


Battriana. Aï Khanum. Temenos. Ecista. Stele. Massime. Sette Sapienti. Epigramma. Delfi. Heroon. Dedica. Filosofo peripatetico. Clearco di Soli. Identità. Oriente ellenistico. Città

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