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Iscrizioni del teatro di Taormina   

Alessia Dimartino
Independent Scholar


The names of Hiero II’s ruling dynasty, together with the names of some deities, are inscribed in the genitive and in capitals – on a surface that was smoothed on purpose – at the centre of the nine cunei that form the major diazoma of the theatre. The inscriptions seem to be pertaining to the ex novo construction of the theatre, included in the project of the building of monuments in the surrounding area. The inscriptions served the purpose of likening Hiero II to Zeus.


Diazoma. Teatro. Ierone II. Zeus Olimpio. Eracle. Gelone. Nereide. Filisitide. Kraterophron. Basileus. Basileia. Olympieion. Agora. Siracusani. Polis.

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