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Dedica votiva del koinon etolico per i Tolemei   

Edoardo Cavalli
Independent Scholar


Inside the federal sanctuary of Apollo in Thermos (Aetolia), there are still the remnants of the foundations of a Hellenistic base. The inscriptions refer to the bronze statues (now lost) that stood up upon the base and represented Ptolemy III Euergetes and his wife Berenice, together with their children Ptolemy (the Ptolemy IV Philopator-to-be), Arsinoë (the Arsinoë III-to-be), [Lysimachus?], Alexander, Berenice and Magas.


Apollo. Termo. Etolia. Base. Tolemeo III Evergete. Berenice II. Tolemeo IV Filopatore. Arsinoe III. Lisimaco. Alessandro. Berenice. Maga. Koinon etolico.

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