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Dedica di Gelone di Siracusa a Delfi   

Silvia Palazzo
Independent Scholar


In the panhellenic sanctuary of Delphi, during the Second Persian War, Gelo son of Deinomenes, who was first tyrant of Gela and then of Syracuse, dedicated a gold tripod to Apollo. The offering, placed next to the temple entrance in the heart of the sanctuary, bears also the ‘signature’ of the artist Bion, who maintains to have made ‘the tripod and the Nike’.


Delfi. Seconda Guerra Persiana. Gelone. Dinomene. Gela. Siracusa. Apollo. Bione. Nike. Tripode delfico. Platea. Persiani. Ierone. Imera. Cartaginesi. Santuario delfico. Erodoto. Pindaro. Simonide. Dio

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