1 | 1 | 2017


Decreto ateniese per Stratone re di Sidone   

Irene Vagionakis
Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia


The stele restores a sizeable portion of an Athenian honorary decree put forward by Cephisodotus and its amendment introduced by Menexenus. The surviving portion promises to help Strato, the king of Sidon (ca. 376-360 BC), gives him and his descendants the proxeny, prefigures future relations between the Athenians and the sovereign, and provides for an invitation to dinner of his envoy in the prytaneum the following day.


Cefisodoto. Menesseno. Stratone. Prossenia. Ateniesi. Contrassegni. Pritaneo. Mercanti. Sidone. Atene. Onori. Rivolta dei Satrapi. Ambasceria. Gran Re. Persia. Artaserse II. Seconda Lega Navale. Fenic

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