1 | 1 | 2017


Decisione della polis per lo scriba Spensithios   

Olga Tribulato
Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia


Both sides of a bronze semicircular mitra, coming from Arkades (south of Lyttos), were reused to inscribe a contract drawn up between the Dataleis and the scribe Spensithios. It is the first intact document that testifies to the creation of a ‘technical’ public appointment and it is the Greek text in which the importance of the representatives assigned to the writing and the recording of the public documents is most clearly perceived.


Mitra. Arkades. Lyttos. Contratto. Dataleis. Scriba. Spensithios. Poinikastas. Poinikazen. Mnamoneuen. Mnamon. Kosmos. Hapax. Epagra. Epeniaution. Laksion. Misthos. Kosmos. Phyle. Dromeis. Sa

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