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Coppa di Nestore   

Francesco Valerio
Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia


On the kotyle of Rhodes, which is universally known as Nestor’s Cup and dates back to the second half of the eight century, a three-line metrical inscription was carved in Ionic dialect using the Euboean alphabet after the firing. In the first line, the cup is identified as Nestor’s property, whereas in the last two lines the aphrodisiac virtues of the cup itself are extolled.


Necropoli di San Montano. Ischia. Pitecusa. Crateri. Kotyle. Coppa di Nestore. Alfabeto euboico. Dialetto ionico. Trimetro giambico. Iscrizioni di possesso. Esametri. Poesia simposiale. Prati

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