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Cippo funerario di Dolichas   

Edoardo Cavalli
Independent Scholar


Two funeral monuments, whose texts can be situated between the seventh and the sixth centuries BC, were found within a few decades of each other in Vlachomandra, an Aetolian village between Naupactus and the federal centre of Thermo. The sepulchral cippus of Dolichas seems to be the most ancient: as a matter of fact, it probably draws from a poetical popular repertoire that precedes the spreading of Homer’s epic corpus, which instead is visible in the other inscription, that is the sepulchral cippus of Promathos.


Vlachomandra. Etolia. Naupatto. Termo. Cippi sepolcrali. Dolichas. Epitaffio. Oggetto parlante. Omero. Promathos.

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