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Cenotafio di un prosseno corcirese   

Olga Tribulato
Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia


It is an epigram inscribed on a circular tomb and found in Corfu (Korkyra) in 1843; at present, it is one of the most ancient funerary Greek epigrams. Its text, made of six hexameters, memorialises Menecrates, son of Tlasia of Oeantheia in the Ozolian Locris, who died far away from his homeland. The inscription employs an archaic alphabet that is typical of Corinth.


Epigramma. Corfù. Corcira. Esametri. Menecrate. Eantea. Locride Ozolia. Cenotafio. Proxenos. Demos. Corinto. Epsilon. Interpunzione. Losanga. Dialetto. Dorico. Corinzio. Lingua lette

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