Palabras Vocabulario Léxico
La lexicología aplicada a la didáctica y a la diacronía


Léxico disponible en primera y segunda lengua: bases cognitivas   

Natividad Hernández Muñoz
Universidad de Salamanca, España

Carmela Tomé Cornejo
Universidad de Salamanca, España


Thanks to the advancement of studies on lexical availability in native and non-native speakers, this paper proposes a theoretical framework for the cognitive process involved in the production of available lexicon in a L1 or in a L2. First, we describe how available vocabulary is recalled in the L1 and in the L2 according to the main models of word production and how it is predicted by different cognitive factors. Thus, we compare the organizational strategies that both groups of participants implement during the task and the consequences on the resulting lexical networks. The analysis of collected data suggest that the lexical component of the task may be more powerful in the production of non-native speakers.


Available lexicon. Lexical processing. Cognitive strategies. Spanish as a Foreign Language. L2.

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