Palabras Vocabulario Léxico
La lexicología aplicada a la didáctica y a la diacronía


La adquisición del vocabulario de las lenguas extranjeras a la luz de los hallazgos neurolingüísticos   

María Cecilia Ainciburu
Università degli Studi di Siena, Italia


The article makes a framework for reviews of some works of empirical and experimental research that do not use imaging but contrastive analysis or tests naming and lexical selection in related languages and, specifically, when the languages concerned are the Spanish and Italian. The central part of this paper reviews current literature regarding studies of vocabulary acquisition of foreign languages to obtain information about the latest findings and bring the study to the understanding of this process. Then they try to have consequences that affect the teaching of vocabulary in related languages and their teaching in institutional contexts.


Vocabulary. Lexical acquisition. Neurolinguistics. SFL. Mutual intelligibility.

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