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La lexicología aplicada a la didáctica y a la diacronía


L. Franciosini autor de la Gramatica spagnola, e italiana (1624)
Notas sobre norma y uso en una gramática lexicista

Félix San Vicente
Università di Bologna, Italia


Franciosini’s grammar aimed at comparing Spanish with Italian, published for the first time in 1620 and edited numerous times until the 19th century, still raises the interest of Grammaticography and History of Language scholars. This paper analyses how Franciosini builds the discourse of norm on which he exerts his authority and expresses different positions regarding use, from approval to reprobation. The linguistic variability of the time and his condition of Tuscan makes the proposed norm dither and even contradict itself on some occasions, but this aspect becomes secondary to the desire for readers to systematically acquire a knowledge of grammar and a use of language aimed at elegance, without resorting to literary authorities for that purpose. Franciosini’s attitude towards non-grammatical issues is completely different; with them, he shows his experience as a teacher of Spanish and his knowledge of the possible difficulties for an Italian learner.


Lexicon. Gramaticography. History of Spanish language. Spanish for Italians. Lorenzo Franciosini.

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