Palabras Vocabulario Léxico
La lexicología aplicada a la didáctica y a la diacronía


El léxico en los inventarios de bienes murcianos o sobre préstamos, dialectalismos y neologismos en la vida cotidiana   

Miguel Ángel Puche Lorenzo
Universidad de Murcia, España


The Spanish Lexicon History needs to delve into textual corpus of different subjects and natures with the aim of study thoroughly the different ways of incorporation, its richness and variety in its Geography. To contribute with this purpose, property lists of a Peninsula’s peripheral zone haven been analyzed, which allows us to find characteristic terms of that, along others have been early dated, formed by Spanish morphological mechanisms, mainly, or by loanword. The usefulness of a this features study becomes patently clear by enabling us to complete Spanish Lexicon evolution and history, generally, and its geographic variation, particularly.


Spanish language history. Lexicon history. Lexicology. Lexicography. Dialectology.

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