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La lexicología aplicada a la didáctica y a la diacronía


Contingencia y circunstancialidad en la definición lexicográfica de partículas discursivas
La codificación lingüística de la actitud del hablante

Victoriano Gaviño Rodríguez
Universidad de Cádiz, España


This work tries to analyze some of the main problems we can find in lexicographic definitions of discursive particles in Spanish. In particular, this paper focuses on the study of the linguistic codification of attitude in discursive particles. The specific objectives of the work are: a) a critical examination of some of the most recurrent problems in definitions of specialized dictionaries, which don’t separate out the language value of a unit from the situational values that it acquires in a context, and b) to defend the importance of working with general and constant definitions for the scientific knowledge and lexicographic treatment of these discursive particles.


Lexicon. Lexicography. Discourse particles. Speaker’s attitude. Lexicographic definition.

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