Palabras Vocabulario Léxico
La lexicología aplicada a la didáctica y a la diacronía


Aspectos discursivos y léxicos de la publicidad turística en medios impresos   

Sara Robles Ávila
Universidad de Málaga, España


This research is concerned with printed tourism advertisements, focusing on their characterization, discourse structure and the addressment to potential customers. Additionally, two lexical features are assessed: the use of foreign words (recurrence) and neologisms (persuasive and appellative effects). The analysis of a corpus of 500 advertisements has allowed us to reach these conclusions. Due to the influence of the digital media, advertisements present diverse textual structures depending on the richness of their linguistic component. Within lexis, there is a high number of foreign words (mainly terminological), which are grouped in thematic domains. Finally, the most usual processes to neologise have been identified, used by ideas men to catch the attention of potential addressees.


Language of Tourism. Advertisement discourse. Vocabulary. Foreign words. Neologism.

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