Palabras Vocabulario Léxico
La lexicología aplicada a la didáctica y a la diacronía


Aprendizaje de vocabulario en la Lengua Extranjera
Influencia interlingüística, modo de aprendizaje, y otras variables moldeadoras

María Pilar Agustín Llach
Universidad de La Rioja, España


This paper presents an overview of the main variables that affect classroom lexical learning in a foreign language. After focusing on the importance of vocabulary for first and second language acquisition, we have described the different dimensions of the vocabulary construct, to then go on to explore the most outstanding results of the studies that examine the modelling factors of vocabulary acquisition in a foreign language. Specifically, we have looked into cross-linguistic influence, type of acquisition with emphasis on type of learning approach, and type of task used for vocabulary acquisition. Other variables with less conclusive results such as gender and age were also of interest in the present paper. Finally, we conclude by suggesting some steps to tackle lexical instruction which arise from the findings of the studies reviewed in the present chapter.


Lexical learning. Acquisition. Spanish as a Foreign Language. Lexical task. Variables.

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